Smart Home Products

Automate your life with our complete line of automation products.
Our automation works through the total connect remote service we offer. You can turn on your lights, set your thermostat, open your garage door, or even unlock your door from anywhere in the world. You can also set Smart Scenes and custom automate your devices to go on/off at a set schedule or trigger by another means. Smart Scenes also allow you to group automation together. Lets say you are coming home from work, and you want the entry lights to come on, the thermostat to drop to 72 degrees, your front yard lights to come on and you alarm system to disarm. No problem, we can set all these commands to happen at one time with a Smart Scene. The possibilities are endless.

Our staff would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and design a system that meets your specific needs. Contact us to receive expert advice and a free estimate.