Welcome Kincaid Alarm Systems protecting your home, family and business

Kincaid Alarm Co. is a Central Florida based service company that primarily installs, maintains, and provides monitoring services for residential and commercial security alarm systems. We also install camera surveillance systems, home automation, and access control systems.

Intrusion Detection

Our monitored intrusion detection systems alert our Central Station, and the police (if necessary) in case of a perimeter breach.    Our monitored security system with provide you with comfort and safety knowing your family and home are protected.

Intrusion + Fire Detection

Adding Fire Detection equipment is inexpensive and ensures minimal property damage while alerting your family to leave.  
Video Surveillance

The flexibility of home surveillance systems allows us to install a network that serves the exact purpose that you desire while providing extensive monitoring capabilities. Whether it be for an indoor or outdoor application, our experienced technicians will work with you to install exactly what you need.

Intrusion + Surveillance

Integrating home surveillance with your Intrusion detection system will give you peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring that you can view in real-time from anywhere in the world with Internet access.
Intrusion + Home Automation

Have you asked yourself "Did I leave the lights on?"   "Did I set the alarm?"   "Is the garage door closed?"   With Home Automation you'll be able to check from your phone, computer, and tablet which allows you to close the garage door.   Automation allows you to customize your home security system and create programs for your schedule.
Intrusion + Automation + Surveillance

Get complete protection with an automated, surveillance-equipped home security system.  You can monitor your home on the go by viewing any camera around your home on your phone, tablet and computer anytime.